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Do you want to change some areas of your life but you just don't know where to start? Do you believe that you will be ready to make changes in your life when the outer conditions of your world change? These are two questions that Eileen Kramer Downes wants you to consider for yourself. Eileen knows the creative power it takes to transform your current reality into something new. Through years of studying the laws that govern the universe and applying them in her own life, Eileen discovered that nothing changes in your outer environment until you change your inner environment that is alignment with your creative power. Pain can form in your physical, mental and emotional body when you live from the belief that you are separate from the good that you desire in your life. Eileen learned that living in fear, doubt, guilt, regret or shame stagnated any of her efforts to create the life she wanted. Through much struggle to break free of her own pain, she realized that the only course to change her current conditions was to cultivate a path that was in total alignment with her highest vision. As she created her vision and applied these life transforming principles, she started to experience a new way of being in the world. She made it her life's work to help others get clear on their vision and hold it strong with faith, purpose and divine right action so they too can realize their true potential. "Desire is seeking expression through the individual who holds their vision strong, with deep gratitude, unshakable faith and fixed purpose." - Wallace D. Wattles In her four week course, The Fresh Start Program, Eileen teaches you fundamental life principles that govern everything and equips you with simple and practical exercises that you can easily integrate into your life. The happy by-product of this integration process is a new sense of self, resistance free and full of clarity and a firm commitment to endure even in the face of adversity. Eileen believes what keeps you in the pain loop is when you react to your current conditions in fear and doubt. A fresh start is not about reacting to your current conditions, but rather an opportunity to respond to the creative energy that wants to become fully expressed through you. She invites you to open up to the infinite possibilities available to you now, not sometime in the future because now is always the time to have a fresh start. #STAYINGSTRONGTOGETHER

The Fresh Start Program

The path to your true hearts desires starts with a resounding yes to yourself. You were designed to breakthrough pain and challenges and to fulfill your soul's destiny. We are living in a world right now that is suffering and the only way to change the conditions of the world is to become the change within yourself. Don't wait because you will stagnate. Let your deepest desires inspire you to say yes and take compelling right action today.